Marks Park All Breeds Canine Club
Orange Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

Club Contact Details
Kathy Wilson
P O Box 411895
Craighall 2024
011 327 6440


companion dogs
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Classes are held on Sunday mornings at the Canine Club, Marks Park Sports Club, Orange Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

Superb facilities include a secure and spacious puppy pen, shaded and grassed training grounds, ample parking and a clubhouse (snacks and breakfasts available).

When you first register at the clubhouse office, class times will be confirmed.

Fun and play is incorporated in all classes.


The club caters mainly for domestic dogs. Training is reward-based, using food, toys and other suitable treats for positive reinforcement of behaviour.
Fun and play are essential ingredients of all training.
We offer a wide range of classes, all run by dedicated trainers with many years of experience in their fields.

Choker chains are not allowed.

Each lesson builds on what was learnt in the previous lesson. The importance of practice between lessons is emphasised.

It is great fun - come and join us!

Calendar 2017 Training terms - Sundays only from 8:30am
  15 January to 20 March
  26 March to 11 June
  25 June to 3 September
  10 September to 3 December

Meetings and shows
  26 February - AGM
  19 June - Championsip Obedience, DJ, Agility and Companion Dog Show
  17 September - Parkview Pooch Day (Parkview Golf Club)
  1 October - CANSA Bark for Life
  17 November - Championship Dobermann Breed Show at Goldfields

Yellow Ribbon Initiative

If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon on the leash, this is a dog which needs some space. Please do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. How close is too close? Only the dog or his people know. Keep your distance.

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