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The Dobermann Club

For information on the registration of a litter and/or Puppies for Sale, please contact:

Kathy Wilson: telephone 011 327 6440 / fax 088 011 327 6440
Merlyn Moult: telephone 071 369 7390 / fax 086 564 4311        

The Dobermann Club's litter scheme for the prospective puppy owner.

This is a unique scheme instituted especially for the benefit of club members who breed litters of Dobermann puppies and also to assist in the selection of a healthy puppy for those wishing to acquire a Dobermann. The Club has put in place a number of tried and tested rules which appear hereunder & which are applicable to the Breeder for the general Protection of the new owners. This scheme is not meant to replace any advertising that Breeders may do on their own account and prospective puppy owners must, in any case, make their own enquiries as to the veracity of statements made to them by Breeders.

However the club makes every effort to ensure that the health requirements such as X-rays of the parents hips & the eye examination for heritable eye diseases on the parents, have been carried out. Also that the details of the pedigrees of both parents are as truthful as it is possible to ascertain. All Breeders listed and whose names may be given to prospective owners by the Club are required to have been a member of The Dobermann Club for at least 6 months prior to offering the puppies in the litter scheme. The Club has therefore had an opportunity of getting to know the Breeders as well as possible. No name or telephone number is given out prior to all paperwork for all pedigrees and health certificates being available and in the Club's files.

Register of litters for sale through the Dobermann Club

Anyone wishing to place a litter on the The Dobermann Club's Puppy Register must comply with the following rules:

That the Club at the request of Breeders, keep a Register of Litters born, and that this information be made available to any person on enquiry. The aforesaid name and details will be given out on the following conditions:

  1. The Breeder must be a member in good standing of The Dobermann Club.
  2. Both the Dam and the Sire shall be registered with the KUSA Dobermann Pedigree register, such registration to be clear of any breed restrictions on either Dam or Sire. Copies of both pedigrees are to be furnished to the club for their records.
  3. The Breeder shall at the time of the birth of the puppies be the registered owner of the Dam.
  4. Both the Dam and the Sire shall have been x-rayed for Hip Dysplasia and shall be certified by such persons recognised by the KUSA at the time as being competent to issue such certificates. The certification shall be either Hips Normal - or HD 00 in both hips or HD 1. In the event of either the Dam or the Sire having been certified HD 1, then the other parent must be certified either Hips Normal or HD 00, this combination to be a minimum requirement. The certification for both parents is to be furnished to the club for their records.
  5. All above documents shall be retained by the club permanently for their records.
  6. The Breeder shall complete the New Owner Form attached to furnish the club within 7 (Seven) days of the puppies leaving home with the name, the address and the telephone numbers of all the buyers of puppies in the litter, irrespective of whether they were sold as a result of contacts from the club or not. These records are to include the tattoo numbers and/or the identification details of the chip as provided by the veterinary surgeon that implanted the chip.
  7. The Breeder undertakes to timeously and properly register the litter with the KUSA and to furnish the buyers of the puppies with the original certificates duly and properly signed to enable the buyer to transfer the puppies into their names immediately the breeder receives these from KUSA. The Breeder further is obliged to notify the club upon registering the litter with the club for sale whether it is his/her intention to place any breed restriction into the pedigree of any or all of the puppies, and undertakes to notify any buyers of such intention in advance of their committing themselves to purchase the puppy.
  8. The Breeder undertakes to properly de-worm and inoculate all the puppies when these treatments are due prior to the puppies leaving the breeder for their new homes, and also to feed and maintain both the Dam and the Puppies in accordance with good breeding practice.
  9. The Breeder undertakes to tattoo the puppies at 7 weeks with a recognised tattooist prior to delivery to purchasers and application for registration of the litter with KUSA However it is permissible to implant a recognised microchip through the services of a veterinarian in place of the tattooing.
  10. The Breeder must have registered a Kennel Name with KUSA and advise the club of such name before the puppies can be placed onto the register. A copy of the KUSA certificate must be furnished for club records.
  11. The Breeder may not hand puppies to the new owners prior to the age of 52 days from date of birth.
  12. The Club shall at all times retain the right to inspect the litter to ensure that all the conditions are being complied with, that the puppies are being kept in sanitary conditions and maintained on a proper puppy diet schedule and that they are free of fleas, ticks, worms or such other mites or diseases as may become evident.
  13. Should the inspection reveal that there are unsatisfactory sanitary conditions or unsatisfactory feeding or maintenance of the Dam and the Puppies, or any other breach of the club rules as listed herein; or receive complaints from buyers of a serious nature; then the club shall retain the right at all times to withdraw the litter and/or any future litters bred by such breeder from the Register of Puppies held by the club for public information. The listing fee will not be refunded.
  14. No puppies shall be placed on the register unless the bitch has missed at least one season between litters; no puppies bred from a bitch that has been mated at an age younger than 18 months shall be placed on the register.
  15. The Breeder shall not be registered for the sale of any litter until these conditions have been fully complied with and a copy signed by him/her has been received by the club secretary.
  16. A non-refundable litter listing fee of R500, regardless of the number of puppies, is to be deposited into the account of the Dobermann Club and the proof of deposit to be faxed with this completed and signed form to Kathy Wilson at the contact details above prior to the puppies being placed on the Puppy Litter list.

Kathy Wilson
P O Box 411895
Craighall 2024
011 327 6440