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The Dobermann Club

Supreme Dobermann 2016
Points for the Supreme award are calculated on the number of dogs, bitches, puppies and minor puppies present and entered on the day. Only BOB and RBOB will score points. One point is awarded per dog and bitch beaten. The BOB does not receive a point for his own win (as it cannot beat itself).
For example, if 27 dogs and bitches are present the BOB will receive 26 points. The RBOB points are awarded to the number of its own sex beaten - for example, if it beats 12 of its own sex 10 points are awarded (cannot claim for BOB or its own win).

Supreme Puppy 2016
Points cannot be awarded if only one puppy is present. It must beat at least one other puppy to receive one point, i.e. if there are ten puppies present the Best Puppy receives 9 points.

Dobermanns in the running for Supreme Dobermann or Supreme Puppy must be entered in the Dobermann Club's Championship Show to qualify for the award.

Chekpointcharli - Winner of the Supreme Dobermann 2009 to 2013

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